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Diaper Rash Creams & Ointment for your little one There are 4 products.

Diaper Rash - Common Queries

How to avoid diaper rash ?

  • Foremost reason to cause diaper rash is  wetness . So change diapers frequently 
  • Never use diapers beyond the prescribed time mention on the diaper packs . 

Changing diapers frequently still getting diaper rash ? 

Diaper rash can also be caused if you have introduced a new food orDiaper rash can be caused because the diapers do not suit your child's skin . 

Home remedies for diaper rash ?

 Remedy #1 : Mix two spoons of baking soda in lukewarm water (slightly higher than room temperature)and gently give a sponge bath 

Remedy#2 : Applying petroleum jelly on your baby's skin helps in healing faster  
Types of Diaper Rash cream ? 

  • Petroleum jelly base - To prevent diaper rash 
  • Zinc oxide based - To heal diaper rash"

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
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